Learn How To Break Through Mental Barriers, Stop Wasting Energy On Self-Doubt And Create A More Fulfilling, Exciting & Purpose-Driven Life Using The MindAxis Method... 

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The MindAxis Method

MindAxis Life Coaching

Coaching Session Modules

Module 1: Finding Your Purpose
We start at square one - finding your purpose, aka we’ll go deep into your “why”. To do this, we work together to introspect and reflect on where you want to be in a certain time frame so that you have crystal clear clarity over your personal values & direction… …which means that you’ll have unshakeable confidence in each and every decision that you make - no more second guessing or self-doubt. Just quick, decisive action that gets you one step closer to the life that you want to live.
Module 2: Developing Self Awareness
Next, we’ll walk through your personal strengths and weaknesses, performing a deep dive into your past and present…. …this is so that you can have a greater understanding of your emotional triggers and responses to the events that limit your personal growth. Which ultimately improves your communication, and how you regulate your emotions - which significantly raises your emotional intelligence…a rare and valuable trait in the modern age.
Module 3: Solidifying Your Core Beliefs
This part of your journey involves getting to the core of your belief system to make sure that it completely aligns with you and your life goals… …because taking action that doesn’t align with who you are and want to become ultimately just leads to burnout, dissatisfaction and sends you back to square one - which is why it’s one of the first modules. You’ll uncover how to differentiate between beliefs that empower you and those that hold you back. Leading to a stronger sense of self, and decision-making rooted in authenticity…. …which means that your resilience against external pressures grows, helping you to live a life that is genuinely yours.
Module 4: Building Self Esteem
Next up is everything esteem. Here, we go beyond just improving your confidence and self-worth… …we work together to develop a self-image so strong that you’re practically immune to experiences like imposter syndrome, self-doubt and chronic overthinking. The goal here is to uncover the version of yourself with greater assertiveness in both personal and professional settings so that you can pursue your goals (and achieve them!) with greater conviction.
Module 5: Enhancing Your Communication Skills
How you communicate is vital to living a meaningful life. Which is why in this module, we’ll go far beyond just verbal communication…. Instead, we take a step back and hone in on each separate part, including overcoming barriers like misinterpretation, social anxiety, and difficulty in articulating thoughts…. …the idea here is to empower you to navigate conversations with confidence so that you can convey your ideas and feelings as precisely as possible so that they’re understood as intended.
Module 6: Improving Your Relationships
One of the most key parts of a meaningful life is the relationships you have with the people around you…both professional and personal. Together, we focus on nurturing meaningful connections, tackling challenges such as emotional detachment, difficulty in maintaining long-term relationships, and navigating conflicts… …once you’re inside, you’ll uncover how to create stronger bonds, communicate more effectively, and understand others' perspectives so that you can create and maintain relationships that are both rewarding and enduring.
Module 7 & 8: Developing Your Mindset With Neurolinguistic Programming
In these modules, you get complete access to my experience as a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. For those who don’t know, NLP is all about understanding and utilising the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific, desired outcomes. It combines cognitive psychology and linguistic strategies to reshape your thinking and behaviour patterns so that you can overcome deep-seated limiting beliefs, persistent negative thought patterns, and resistance to change. You'll rewire your thinking to embrace positivity, adaptability, and proactive problem-solving, not only enhancing your personal growth but also propelling you towards achieving your most ambitious goals.
Module 9: Clarifiying Your Goals and Constructing a Goal Setting Strategy
Last but not least, we’ll work together to set clear, achievable targets using a strategy tailored to your unique aspirations and lifestyle. We'll break down your larger objectives into manageable steps, making sure that each goal is aligned with your overall purpose and values. This process will not only bring clarity to your aspirations but also equip you with the tools to systematically approach and achieve them, turning your vision into reality - without the self-limiting beliefs.

The MindAxis Method™ Specifics

60 Min 1:1 Coaching Sessions
Personalized, focused and goal oriented. Together, these online sessions will begin your remarkable personal transformation.
Included Online Resources
Access to the MindAxis Archive. Online resources to facilitate your personal growth between sessions.

The Visionary eBook
A step-by-step template on creating your personal vision. You'll be able to gain incredible clarity on your life direction, starting today.

100% Money Back Guarantee
If you're not happy with The MindAxis Method™, then you're absolutely entitled to a complete refund.
Ongoing Online Support
You'll have unlimited WhatsApp AND/OR Email support. We're here to provide consistent support and accountability for your personal growth.
MindAxis Welcome Package
A special curated gift to support your personal transformation, alongside each booking link for your coaching program.

Who This Is For...

✅ You want to achieve your potential.

✅ You want daily clarity on your next move.

✅ You have big dreams, but you're unsure how to reach them.

✅ You want more purpose and energy in your life.

✅ You're tired of the therapy approach and want some dynamic change.

✅ You're sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Who This Is For...

✅You want more confidence in your daily life.

✅You want to believe in yourself again.

✅You want to grow your social sphere and build better relationships.

✅You want to rewire your mindset from negative to positive.

✅You want to overcome your deepest fears.

✅You want to have a powerful goal setting strategy that will help you achieve your life vision.

A Few Client Wins!

Chris Little
Chris Little
1 December 2023
Geoff is an absolutely amazing coach. He has transformed not only my thought process but my view of the world. I would highly recommend him to anyone that might be struggling in a relationship, struggling in life or want to better their life by offering knowledge and a different perspective that I guarantee you have not heard before. Well done Geoff, keep up the good work!!!
jesse ratcliff
jesse ratcliff
28 July 2023
I have completed the full program and have continued my coaching sessions with Geoff beyond that. I have done so because I see value for money. During 3-6 months of coaching with Geoff I achieved the following... - Processed personal trauma resulting from a recent breakup. - Overcame a 10 year substance abuse addiction, becoming more emotionally stable. - Overcame a 15 year addiction to physical intimacy and love, gaining deep insight into the nature of my relationships. - Withdrew from university to pursue my real passions. - Gained clarity regarding the ultimate direction of my life, including the things that I value most. - Implemented daily routines that support ultimate goals. - Established a complete and clear vision of where I want to be in life. It's great to have someone like Geoff to talk to regarding thoughts, feelings and achievement. He has done many of the things that I seek to do, so is speaking from experience. I found him to be genuinely interested and invested in helping me to improve myself.
Simon Giuliani
Simon Giuliani
27 July 2023
I have just completed a full life coaching plan and I am very glad I did. Geoff is a good guy and a great coach, with wisdom beyond his years. The program was well structured, thorough, and includes an inventory of well written material. The program took me on an in depth journey - some of it very challenging. There were many significant moments along the way - both personal breakthroughs and gained practical knowledge. In completing the program I have a much higher level of clarity on my path in life, and clear strategies in place for moving forward and pursuing my goals. I highly recommend this service.
Hassan Waraich
Hassan Waraich
26 July 2023
Been a great experience with Geoff! The guy knows about his work and what he’s doing. After asking me a few personalised questions, he was able to give me a brief answer to my problems and basically cut out most of the noise that’s been keeping me away from doing the things that I need to actually do in life. Also, after our meeting I was able to realise the things that I DON’T want to be doing. Overall, he has a really humble personality, extremely friendly and helpful person!
Louis Hood
Louis Hood
22 October 2022
I cannot say enough about what Geoff has done for me and the positive influence he has had on my life. I have gone from having absolutely no direction to having a defined plan for my future business and life. Geoff genuinely cares and it shows through in the amount of work he does for each client and the insights he provides. This course is not easy, you have to confront your inner demons and do a lot of work, but you receive back what you put in many times over.
DJ Allen
DJ Allen
21 August 2022
I found Geoff to be very knowledgeable about his field and an expert at his work. He was very friendly and knew exactly which direction to point me when I had questions. I do not regret at all meeting Geoff and working with him to help me along my journey.
Ken Chin
Ken Chin
10 June 2022
Geoff is knowledgeable about leading the conversation on life journey. He guided me to rediscover my own passion and uplift myself during my low point.
High Thrive
High Thrive
8 April 2022
I have had the pleasure of working professionally with Geoff (of MindAxis) and being able to observe his work directly. From my time with him I've seen how capable he is in being able to discern what is really going on and get right to solutions. I have no reservations in recommending Geoff's services to those who might be considering getting help from him.
Giuseppe Matalone
Giuseppe Matalone
2 February 2022
It's been a fantastic experience to join Geoff's coaching sessions! He's a really friendly and caring person, he's always trying to understand your struggles and point of views through active listening and asking the right questions at the right time. He made me think about several aspects I never considered to be so important, while giving me useful insights about finding the purpose in my life and then worked with me to set powerful goals in order to make that a reality. I felt I've been growing and learning a lot after every session, and I realized even better the impact he's had while applying what he's taught me in my daily life, and that's just the start! He's definitely an amazing coach, and I strongly suggest to anyone who wants to improve his/her life to book a session with him to really understand what I'm talking about. Thanks a lot for everything bro!
Cristian Magana
Cristian Magana
23 January 2022
Geoff not only helped me get clear on my purpose but he helped me create a step by step plan on how to achieve it. Not only is he super professional but he is also very welcoming and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs some guidance to clear up what they want to do in life. His wisdom is really profound and changes your perspective on everything and anything. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had talking to someone about purpose!
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