I help unfulfilled Millennials create a Meaningful Life.

Geoff Seow, Founder of MindAxis Life Coaching

Geoff Seow

Core Values

We're authentic and value integrity. Coaching requires transparency and trust for long-lasting results.
Life Coaching is our passion. Simply put, our purpose is to help you discover yours in a teamwork based partnership.
We value effectiveness. No time wasting, no excessive sessions. Our coaching programs facilitate definitive results.

I'm revolutionizing Life Coaching by making it effective, personalized and impactful.

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A Word From The Founder...

Geoff Seow

Geoff Seow

  • If you're tired of feeling stuck, exhausted of running in the same loops and you want an effective, proven method to your personal success, then MindAxis Life Coaching is going to be your one-stop solution. I'll be your first and last Life Coach - you won't need another one when you're living true to your purpose.

- Geoff Seow (Founder of MindAxis Life Coaching)