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Picture this.

Recently, you’ve been on a health binge.

As you scroll through TikTok, you find yourself incredibly interested in watching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu videos.

Feeling an intense sense of motivation, you start to search for clubs in your area which you’d like to join.

After a few hours of searching, you land upon the club of your choice.

Suddenly, doubt springs into your mind if this is the best way to go.

You’re worried about how you’ll hold up in the new class.

After all, everyone is going to be much more advanced and you don’t want to be a newbie.

In the past, when you’ve tried to join new clubs, it’s always been a scary experience and you’ve felt on the outside looking in.

Feeling your confidence dip, you decide to leave it for later.

You return to scrolling on TikTok and eventually, the inspiration fades into oblivion.

Are you surprised by this outcome?

In this edition of The Path Toward Purpose we’re going to explore The Art of Confidence: A Guide to Discovering Inner Clarity and Living Your Potential and why your sense of confidence is directly linked to your clarity and perspective.

Let’s get into it…

🏛️ The Foundations of Building Confidence

Without feeling confident in yourself, you’ll always find ways to hide from opportunity.

Confidence originates from clarity.

It’s where you know your capabilities, your desires and what you’d like to attain in life.

A true understanding of yourself as a person.

Nothing in this world can break you if you’re clear on WHO you are.

Failure, rejection and defeat are merely building blocks for the confident individual.

Yet, the issue of confidence stems, when you perceive your losses as permanent.

A gradual mindset shift here is required, to help you understand that there are no losses in this life, only lessons learned.

🧠 The Mental Framework

Confidence elevates your ability to take action.

The human mind is a tool that you can use to your advantage.

Because it’s programmed to deliver unto you, exactly what you feed it.

For example, if you think negatively and lack the bravery to push outside of your comfort zone.

Then it will only reinforce you to take action steps that are aligned with how you perceive your world.

The only way to overturn this default setting in your brain, is to start to make small wins.

Even if you’re afraid to do something, pushing forward and doing it anyway will make a more significant difference than you might realize.

It reinforces to your brain that you are no longer willing to accept defeat as your reality.

🛠️ How-To Apply This

To build confidence, you have to gain a clear understanding of yourself.

Proving to yourself that you are capable of making strides forward in life.

For this one, I’d like to introduce you to Freud’s Iceberg Theory.

Devised by the Father of Psychology, Sigmund Freud, it deconstructs the human mind to help us better understand how our conscious mind is driven by the subconscious.

In relation to confidence, we have to unravel the layers of the mind to help you create confidence that isn’t superficial.

Instead to build confidence that is deeply rooted in your mind so it’ll become permanent.

Tier 1. The Unconscious Mind

This layer is better known as your subconscious mind.

It’s where deeply rooted memories that hold a traumatic experience drive your instinctual fears.

It’s also where selfish motives are derived from, for self preservation purposes.

Within this realm of the mind, is where a lack of self-confidence stems.

You see, in the past, you may have experienced events that knocked your confidence.

Failures, losses, defeats all add up and are stored in this hidden realm of the mind.

To overturn this, you must get clear on what you define as a failure.

Have you learned something from your hardship?

Dig deep and think of all the times that you’ve struggled with these negative feelings.

Let them surface and reassess them for what you’ve learned, not what you’ve lost.

This creates a distinction in your mind where you can begin to view failure from a positive lens.

Tier 2. The Preconscious Mind

Within this layer lies the memories I mentioned in Tier 1.

Trawling through your negative past experiences will bring to light the emotions attached.

Low-level emotions toward the world that keep you rooted in fear.

Shunning away opportunity and leaving you flailing for confidence.

Working through Tier 1 and Tier 2 are absolutely essential for you to gain a clear understanding of yourself.

This is where you can begin to overturn your perceptions about yourself and the world.​

Tier 3. The Conscious Mind

Here’s the level you operate within on a daily basis.

Your thoughts, emotions and perceptions that trigger your conscious actions.

This is the easiest level to make a temporary change, but not a permanent one.

It’s why listening to meditations, audiobooks or doing breathwork only make temporary shifts.

They’re never permanent.

Because you’re treating the issue of lack of self-confidence, rather than seeking to cure it.

For that you have to make small victories.

Taking action against your fears and attaining a sense of victory along the way.

Even something as simple as joining a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club is going to give you a sense of self-pride.

The more often that you perform actions outside of your comfort zone.

It’s going to override Tier 2 and Tier 3 of your mind.

Meaning that as you work through your past and the negative emotions you might hold.

You’re simultaneously taking action in the present.

This is the secret to rewriting your brain for unlimited confidence.

The work must be internal and external.

It’s the ultimate alignment that provides your progress, purpose and success in your life.

🚀 Next Steps

To begin to build up your confidence, action is necessary.

Recognize where you’re consciously holding yourself back in life and pursue it.

It could be joining a club, asking for a promotion at work, or starting that new business.

Take steps to make it happen and collect your small victories along the way.

As you continue along this path, you’ll begin to build temporary confidence.

Now, if you combine this with the inner work of facing your fears and rewiring your perspectives on the world?

Your confidence will become permanent.

In the next edition, I’ll be taking you on a journey on how to turn an idea into an opportunity. When you have a fresh idea in your mind, it holds the most power. Letting it slip and sitting on it for too long, will cause it to disappear. Success loves speed - I can’t wait to share this method with you!