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Picture this.

It’s 2am and you’re wide awake once again.

No matter how hard you try to fall back asleep, the disruptive thoughts keep circulating around in your mind.

“What am I doing with my life”
“What does the future hold for me?”
“Will I ever make my dreams a reality”
“How have the years passed so quickly?”

Feeling a tight knot of anxiety twist in your gut, you roll over and try to silence your thoughts, but to no avail.

After what feels like hours, you glance over at your alarm clock and notice it’s 2:21am.

The long night ahead has just begun.

Are you surprised by this outcome?

In this edition of The Path Toward Purpose we’re going to explore Discovering Your Life's Work: Building a Legacy Through Meaningful Purpose and Passion and why without making strides towards building our legacy, we will feel unfulfilled and anxious about the future.

Let’s get into it…

🏛️ The Foundations of Building A Legacy

Your legacy is a Trident of Purpose that you leave behind in this world once your time is up.

→ Your Life’s Work
→ Your Relationships
→ Your Positive Impact

Everything else is redundant after death. Wealth, riches, material possessions - they are completely meaningless in the face of the great unknown.

To build your personal legacy, it involves taking time to sit and reflect on where your life is right now.

Are you happy with how it stands, or would you like to create a more meaningful impact to represent your time on Earth?

Many people don’t care about leaving behind a legacy.

They live life on a day-to-day basis and worry about the future later.

However, if you’re reading this newsletter, I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you do care about a legacy and you are concerned about how your life will play out.

🧠 The Mental Framework

The human mind is designed for greatness.

Looking through the history books, we can regale heroes, villains and god-like figures that have lasted the test of time through their personal legacy.

From Albert Einstein, The Buddha, Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius.

They have left an indelible imprint on this world with their words, actions and most importantly, their work.

For better or worse, their work changed the course of life on Earth and we feel its impact even today.

Modern society is merely built on the foundations laid by great historical figures.

🛠️ How-To Apply This

Building a legacy is intentional. Either you choose to leave an impact in the world that you want, or you leave one created by accident.

When you measure the innate potential you hold, with the resources at your disposal, wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t leave an intentional legacy behind?

Here’s how you can start designing one.

1. Your Life’s Work

Work is a good thing…if it’s aligned towards a purpose you care about.

Working 40+ years for a company and helping the company grow is noble, but what about for yourself?

Your Life’s Work is exactly that.

It’s what you intentionally choose to create, to leave an everlasting impact you’ll be remembered by.

You can write, paint, design, orchestrate music.

The avenue depends upon you, but the secret is found in your passions.

What have you loved since childhood that has brought you immense pleasure to work on?

If you’re not sure what it is, then it’s time to reflect on your natural skills.

What can you create that is of value to yourself and to those around you?

The more you build this skillset, the more valuable it becomes to the world.

Don’t be fooled by social media. You have great talent locked away within you, it’s just that it needs to be cultivated, refined and then shared with the world.

There will always be at least ONE person whose life will be changed by your work.

I guarantee this.

2. Your Relationships

People come first, always.

Your partner, your children, your parents, your relatives, your friends.

They mean the world, because they will remember you the most fondly.

Your Life’s Work will influence the public.

But your personality, attitude, beliefs, values, morals and character will define your relationships.

I recently had a client tell me that his only desire was to build a legacy for his two children to follow and look up to.

I have the utmost respect for this.

If the people around you don’t view you fondly, then what legacy have you created?

Prioritize the people around you and cultivate strong relationships first and foremost.

3. Your Positive Impact

You don’t have to be a millionaire to leave a positive impact on the world.

Charity starts small.

→ A donation to the homeless
→ Volunteering at the pet shelter
→ Teaching your child a skill in your free time

Small actions lead to a big impact, whether you realize it or not.

→ The homeless individual has a meal to eat that day
→ One less pet needs to be culled due to your service
→ Your child benefits greatly from 1 on 1 time with their hero

The positive actions you take in this world, from small to large will define you.

That’s your legacy.

Remember, a water droplet in a pond creates a big ripple.

Do not underestimate yourself.

🚀 Next Steps

Take some time for yourself.

Go to the beach, sit at the park, have a coffee.

Reflect and ponder on the Trident of Purpose above.

Decide how you’d like to be remembered, what you’d like to be remembered for and why you’d like to be remembered this way.

It’ll give you a head start on 99% of people.

Naturally, I can’t go deep into the specifics in the form of a single newsletter.

So, I will revisit this topic further in the future.

To help you discover where your purpose lies and how you can intentionally bring it to life in this world.

So that you can leave behind a truly meaningful legacy.

In the next edition of The Path Toward Purpose, I’ll be deconstructing how to handle rejection. In today’s world, letting rejection eat you up is a recipe for disaster, yet with the right tools, you can turn rejection into redirection. I can’t wait to share this with you!