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Picture this.

You’re on your evening walk and suddenly an incredible business idea pops into your mind.

Something you’ve never thought of before, yet you’ve realized is missing on the global market.

Your pace quickens as you get excited about your idea, and decide to rush home to do more research.

Arriving home, you open up your laptop, but you feel a bit hungry after your walk.

Deciding to build upon your idea later, you head to the kitchen to cook dinner.

After dinner, you’re still motivated to tackle your business idea, so you sit down at your laptop.

Only to realize that you need a shower, and that you need to prepare for work tomorrow.

The next day arrives and you can still feel the business idea niggling at your mind, but today, you’ve got to hit the gym.

There’s not much time, so you’ll leave it on the shelf for later.

A week passes by, and you no longer have the motivation to work on your idea.

In fact, you barely remember what it was.

Are you surprised by this outcome?

In this edition of The Path Toward Purpose we’re going to explore Accelerating Success: Turning Ideas into Opportunities and why when you have an idea, you shouldn’t let it sit for too long.

Let’s get into it…

🏛️ The Foundations of Building Momentum

Success loves speed.

Especially right at the start, when you have a brilliant idea to work upon.

Ideas are floating dandelions, you can observe them and pluck them out of the sky.

However, if you choose to not act upon them, they will soon drift away.

Momentum is required to keep you on a path of focus towards achieving objectives.

If you defer your idea and continually expect to approach it at a later date.

Then it’ll never happen.

Because your life is busy enough as it is.

There’s always going to be a distraction that will suck away your time, energy and resources.

It’s why taking immediate action to build momentum towards a tremendous idea is crucial.

It’ll always pay dividends, if you work towards it consistently.

🧠 The Mental Framework

Ideas are spontaneous connections to underlying thought patterns hidden deep within your subconscious mind.

Whether you realize it or not, your brain is always digesting information.

From the world around us, to the information you learn and your analysis of past and future events.

Think of it as a computer that you can never turn off.

However, your brain doesn’t always spring forth ideas.

The conditions need to be just right.

When your brain is relaxed, at ease and able to think carefully, it will reveal to you flashes of genius when you least expect it.

It’s why you should never let an idea go to waste, even if you think it’s not any good.

🛠️ How-To Apply This

To take advantage of your ideas and turn them into opportunities, you’ll need a system.

One that can help you track your ideas, and then convert them into a treasure trove of inspiration.

Here’s a system you could use:

Step 1. Invest in an idea journal.

Journaling is an activity I suggest to all my clients.

Keep a daily journal and record events, thoughts and most importantly, ideas.

A digital journal is even better.

It’ll allow you to record information on-the-go.

For this, I’d recommend using a Google Doc.

Download the Google Doc app to your phone and keep it handy for whenever inspiration strikes.

Then write your ideas down consistently, and in time, you’ll be surprised at the depth of your thoughts.

Step 2. Invest time to deconstruct your ideas.

Set aside time everyday to look at your idea journal.

Even if you’ve got nothing for the day, it’s creating a habit.

The reason most people struggle to consistently action their thoughts.

Is that life gets in the way.

I can guarantee that you will always find a way to be distracted.

You don’t need more than 5 minutes.

However, when you have the time to look at your ideas, it’s going to spur you onwards.

Step 3. Avoid shiny object syndrome.

If you’re currently working towards specific goals.

You don’t want to clutter your life.

Shiny object syndrome is the desire to chase exciting new ideas, without completing what you currently have in progress.

Keep track of your idea, but before you take action.

Always make sure that your ideas are aligned to your goals, before proceeding onward.

Step 4. Take action towards your idea.

This is the most important piece of the puzzle.

Without action, you will have no results.

When your idea is fresh, you must build upon it quickly.

Invest time towards researching, compiling data and looking online to see if your idea is novel.

The preliminary research is key to determine if your idea is going to be one that provides value to the world.

From there, you’ll take it further and build it into a plan.

I have a FREE business plan you could use to dissect your ideas, which I share with each of my clients that aims to start their own business during our coaching partnership.

I’ll attach it for you HERE.

🚀 Next Steps

Success is merely the sum of your actions.

Yet, its root foundation comes from novel ideas and providing value to society.

Everything in the world around you has originated from someone’s creative thinking.

If you desire to create opportunities in your life.

Then tune into your intuition and tap into your ideas.

Dive into them and keep track of your genius and you’ll be able to use them to carve open opportunities for yourself.

In the next edition, I’m going to deconstruct the problem of perfectionism and how it’s likely holding you back from your goals. We’re going to walk through a method you can use to overcome perfectionism, I can’t wait to share it with you!