The Time Matrix

Grab a coffee, take a seat, we're about to go existential.

Have you ever thought about how fleeting and precious life is? Boom. I went there.

See, the moment we realize and subsequently internalize how limited our lifespan truly is, we come to a crossroads on which there is no return. Most often, we’re faced with personal reflection on the course of our lives and how we've spent it so far.

Are you happy with it’s current format and would you like to make any changes?

You might have heard of this before….the mid-life crisis? It’s happening earlier and earlier for each generation. With economic turmoil, global warming and more mass media than we can ingest, it’s difficult to look optimistically to the future…or is it?

Remember those crossroads I mentioned previously? Every single one of us arrives here at some point or perhaps, multiple points in our lives. It’s where we must make a decision to remain the same or change who we are to create the life we know we’re capable of manifesting.

Now…it’s great to talk metaphysical, lets return to some grounded thought patterns on how we can make the most of our time, to seize opportunity as we see fit. Time is the one true limited currency – once it’s gone…we can’t simply buy anymore. 😔

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means we can appreciate what we’ve got and make the most of it. I well and truly mean this. Gratitude is key.

To create more time, or at least increase our perception of it, we’ve got to become conscious of how we’re spending it. Extremely conscious, where we qualify it into metrics such as leisure, socializing, work, learning, fitness…everything needs to be measured at least once to identify where you’d like to reign in more control.

As a recommendation for creating and visualizing your metrics, here’s several ways to create more time in your life, starting today.

• Start your day early – as early as possible. It is a well understood concept, that motivation and drive are at their most powerful the first thing in the morning.

• Try to avoid activities that have no benefit towards your growth, nor your purpose. Retrospectively look back upon your life and reflect on the major consumers of your time. If it involves lots of television watching or phone scrolling, you’re not in the business of personal growth. Identify the activities that need to be removed, and those that need to be incorporated today to have the greatest benefit for your life.

• Recognize that to gain the most, you will need to direct your focus towards only a few areas of growth and maintain upon this trajectory. Multitasking and aiming for several idealistic visions at once, is unrealistic and spreads you too thin. Focus upon a few goals that align in parallel and bolster each other. Through this, you maximize your returns and can make the most of your free time.

• Remove all time spent overthinking unrealistic scenarios. Spend more time doing and less time overthinking, and you will find that time itself flows in your favour and increases your sense of life satisfaction.

• Create a journal, calendar or diary that will keep you accountable. Perhaps, even speak to a friend or family member to ensure that you remain compliant to your goals. Importantly though, its crucial to recognize that you oversee this process and that your accountability is completely dependent on the ownership you place on yourself.

Remember, everyone has 24 hours in a day. If you find yourself complaining about a lack of time, recognize that perhaps you might be creating the problem.

Through improving your time management, you'll truly begin to take more ownership in your life. If you need some help reflecting upon your metrics and deciding to where to best invest your time, MindAxis Life Coaching has got you covered.

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