The Power of Authenticity

Do you believe yourself to be truly authentic?

At it’s core, authenticity involves thinking, feeling and behaving true to yourself in private and in public. You don’t act like a chameleon, rather, you’re the real deal regardless of your surroundings.

It does take courage to be authentic! Particularly in situations where you might feel objectified or judged. What you’ve got to remember…is that regardless of what you do, you’ll still be judged! Some irony, huh.

Promote your values and goals and hold nothing back! Of course, be mindful of how others might react to extreme views, yet don’t be afraid to share, you’re only limiting yourself.

Now…you might be wondering, how do I become more authentic?

Well, you’ve got to find a purpose and be truthful about it. Commitment builds courage, which in turn leads to authenticity. To get here, you’ve first got to discover what you’re made of.

Here’s a few helpful steps to find your authentic self:

1) Take personal inventory: When, where and who do you feel the most authentic? By taking stock of these situations, you can then determine if any external situations are placing pressure upon you to be inauthentic. If you’re consistently in a situation so far removed from your authentic self…it might be time to move on.

2) Be present: Stay grounded in the moment. Keep stock of your interactions and speak only your truth. Mindfulness is indeed powerful!

3) Build your social support system: Discover communities, groups or people who share your core values. Surround yourself with people who encourage you, rather than bring you down. If your support network is flimsy…it’s probably time to find a new one.

4) Speak your truth: Be unashamed about speaking your mind…you’re allowed to. If you’re passively avoiding speaking your truth, it’s going to take some inner work to foster the courage for you to express yourself authentically. It takes time and a Life Coach can certainly guide you.

5) Take daily action: Reflect and create an action plan on how you can be more authentic. Stay accountable and remember that it takes time to rewire your mindset. Understand who you’d like to be regardless of your circumstance and stick to it. You’ve got to remain committed.

6) Take a step back to reflect and gain perspective: When you’re making lots of progress, it’s important to take time to reflect. What have you learned? How have you improved? Reflection is key to help us remain grounded, motivated and most importantly…grateful.

7) Recognize your internal and external triggers: Pay close attention to what, where, when and who might cause you to behave in-authentically. Is it you…or perhaps someone else who brings out a fake side of you? Reflect upon this and decide if you need to make some tough decisions to walk towards a more authentic life.

8) Understand your core values and beliefs: If you don’t have a firm grounding in who you are, it’s likely that you’ll be unable to resist external pressure. Recognize what you value and who you value…it’s going to really help you make decisions in your best interest. When you’re authentically aligned to your true self, it becomes a lot easier to make strides, and it truly does set you up for success.

It’s a lot to take in, I do understand. I’ve been there and I’ve had to do the inner work…it certainly wasn’t easy!

You might need some guidance and a framework to discover your authentic self. MindAxis Life Coaching has got you covered – you’ve just got to decide if it’s in your authentic alignment to reach out.

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