The Dissociation Strategy – A Guide To Remain Cool, Calm and Collected

Ever been in a stressful situation, where you’ve felt overwhelmed amidst the impending meltdown?

Turns out, there’s a valid reason we feel stretched thin under stress. Research has found that stress is directly linked to a general decrease in IQ. Naturally, with your IQ compromised, it’s easy to find yourself highly responsive to a stressful situation.

It’s why learning a tactical response towards managing stressful situations can really be a game change in your personal or professional life. 

Staying cool, calm and collected always has merit. It’s why The Dissociation Strategy is such a powerful technique to help you maintain calm, even when you’re surrounded by chaos. 

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Identify Your Emotional State

Take a moment to acknowledge your current emotional state. It’s not easy to do this, so you might want to grab some fresh air or stretch your legs. 

Find space to truly immerse yourself in the present moment and search within to pinpoint the source of your stress. 

It’s easy to feel stressed, but less easy to determine its origin. Once you find the trigger, you can now take action against it. 

Step 2. Dissociate

Now we get to the good part. 

Take a step back in your mind’s eye and try to visualize yourself from a third-person perspective. Almost as if someone is watching you, place yourself within that person’s mindspace and make some observations about yourself. 

The further you move away from your physical and mental state, you should soon begin to recognize that stress is unnatural. Look closely enough and it can almost seem alien to the human experience.

Now that you’ve moved away from your chaotic mind, what are you able to view? Changing lanes and shifting perspective is a great way to reset yourself. 

Step 3. Dissociate Again

If you’ve successfully completed Step 2, you should feel a world of difference. 

Step 3 is all about maintaining and expanding the distance between yourself and the chaos. Take note of your emotions and thoughts, are they now different? Keep moving further away until the stress seems like a world away.

Step 4. The Return

Return back to your mind and explore your mental space. 

Do you still feel a sense of stress? Or now, is it easier to feel calm, with the chaos a world away.

The Dissociation Strategy is all about perspective. Through removing yourself from a stressful mindspace, you can regain calm and composure. 


Step 1. Recognize your emotional state. 

Step 2. Dissociate yourself. 

Step 3. Dissociate further from your emotional state. 

Step 4. Return to your mind, calm and in control.

Follow these steps and I guarantee, your next stressful situation won't seem as chaotic. You’ll have the tools and strategy to successfully navigate the chaos to create calm in your life. 

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