Self-Empowerment 101: Action removes all doubt.

Have you ever discovered that not taking action leads to self-doubt?

You’re not alone. We ordinarily feel confident when we're working, busy and taking action towards a desired goal. When we hesitate, we compromise our decisiveness and this impacts our ability to take appropriate action when there’s an opportunity on the horizon.

Self-empowerment is gained from confidence in our ability to act. By definition, it means making a conscious decision to take charge of your destiny. The longer we take to decide on a course of action, to doubt ourselves and overthink a scenario, it takes away our feeling of inner power and replaces it with confusion. You’ll want to avoid this at all costs.

How do we work around this?

Well, the key is to create a strategy, decide on your course of action and act it out as best we can. Our mindset and familiarity with a situation improves as we complete trial and error. Strong commitment towards our strategy breeds dedication and empowerment that builds confidence in all areas of our life. Nothing feels more empowering than hitting benchmarks and achieving our goals!

See, the human mind is geared towards repetition. When we perform an activity several times, we become sensitized to it and the stimulus isn’t nearly as effective as a new event. This is why taking the leap of faith is so important. What might seem daunting and scary at the beginning, slowly becomes familiar as time progresses.

When we hesitate, when we doubt ourselves, we undermine our ability to be decisive and this truly impacts our mentality. This negative inaction spreads to all areas of our life and has consequences on our personal and professional life.

Sometimes it’s difficult to walk this path alone. It can seem overwhelming to completely shift your mentality and this is understandable. Life Coaching is a great investment in your future, as a coaching partnership is designed to discover your needs and angle you towards your desired outcome. Self-empowerment is only a few steps away, reach out if you'd like to understand how to overcome any mental roadblocks!

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