How To Recognize Your Neurological Anchors

I’m truly excited to share this one. 

We’ve all got some bad experiences. It’s natural...after all, no one’s has the perfect life...and this is a fact. 

Maybe you’ve had a few unsavory moments. Perhaps you had a rough time in school? Maybe you’ve struggled with your first break-up? Likely, you’ve been rejected and you’ve hurt from it. 

Why am I stirring up bad memories? Well...I’m not. These likely hit a chord as we’ve all felt rejection, bitterness and have an unlikable memory linked towards a past event we’d rather not remember. 

Here’s where it gets interesting. 

Everything I’ve just discussed? These are Neurological Anchors. They link a past the expectation of a future outcome. All the events I’ve listed above? It’s merely the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty more I’m sure, and you know it too. 

See, understanding our Neurological Anchors are very important. If we can begin to understand how past events effect our psyche, we eliminate self-sabotage, completely. 

No more making decisions or taking actions that aren’t linked to our goals or support our life direction. We no longer take the easy route and we can stay committed to ourselves. 

In summary, learning about our Neurological Anchors helps us to develop our self-belief. We begin to understand, that how past events played out will never dictate how our future will unfold...unless of course, we’re unaware that our Neurological Anchors are keeping us trapped in our thinking and actions. 

So, now you know about do you eliminate your Neurological Anchors?

Well, the first step is to ask yourself some good questions. Let's do some quick reflection and help you discover what might quite literally be holding you back. 

Neurological Anchor Questions

• Are there any times in the past 12 months that you've felt happy, fulfilled and content?

• Are there any times in the past 12 months that you might have felt sad, dismayed, let down and depressed?

Have you felt fearful or anxious in the past 12 months?

• Try to draw links between these experiences. You should have a more concise idea on how certain events can trigger specific emotional responses.

Through finding the origin of our Neurological Anchors, we’re able to nip it in the bud. We want it out in the open - that going to create waves in your personal life. 

This is only the beginning. It’s the tip of the iceberg with the inner work that a Life Coach and Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner, like myself can help you with.

Every time you experience a similar’re going to know how to deal with it. 

You’re not going to self-sabotage, make the same actions nor respond in the same manner. 

See, once you make peace with your past, you’ll learn to embrace your future. You’re free to respond differently...and this is where the change begins.

Your true evolution.

Want to learn more? MindAxis Life Coaching is here to help. Our expertise with the Neurolinguistic Programming framework has helped us create the “Mindset Maximizer” coaching program, designed to unearth your Neurological Anchors and so much more. 

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