How To Be Decisive 101: A Simple Framework To Eliminate Indecision

Do you struggle to make decisions? 

If so, you’re probably where I was about a year and a half ago. Confused and lacking core consistency, I dragged my feet when making decisions and it really impacted my ability to act. 

Does this sound familiar? If so, you’ll want to keep reading further.

I’m going to provide you a quick and easy framework to make short-term decisions with ease and clarity. 

Although, before I do...let’s get clear on why it’s important to learn how to make rapid decisions. 

Short-term decisions, such as prioritization tasks, daily activities and plans that only affect the immediate future...should probably be made in under 1 minute. 

Any longer and you’ll start overthinking, and it becomes more difficult to act and choose with clarity. You’ll want to avoid these as they leave you in a state of confusion.

These are vastly different from long-term decisions, which definitely need more thought and clarity before action. I’ll be covering these in a future publication, stay tuned!

For the moment, let's really do a deep dive on short-term decision making. 

Making good decisions requires a great deal of clarity on your personal values and core beliefs. Essentially, what guides your moral compass and empowers your self-esteem? 

Here's A Quick and Easy Solution

This requires a great deal of reflection, although here’s some questions to ask yourself as a starting point:

What do I strongly believe in?

Truly consider it. What in life do you have firm beliefs in? I'm not just speaking in a religious sense, I'm talking about conviction. Do you believe in human prosperity? Perhaps you're an environmentalist? See, without a firm conviction, it's hard to place roots to envision a better life for ourselves.

When do I feel the most happy?

At what points are you the happiest? Where do you feel at home, at ease, you could spend days there? Maybe it's a location...or perhaps with a person. Get really clear on where you're truly happy and it makes it easier to make decisions that serve you best.

What gets me motivated each day?

Each morning when you wake up...what are the first thoughts on your mind? What truly sparks you to jump out of bed and get moving to achieve something greater? If you aren't clear on this probably need some guidance to understand how a greater life vision can truly get you motivated today.

Who do I truly value?

Who do you truly care about? Really consider who you'd make time for, regardless of your busy schedule. Once you're clear on what lies close to your heart, you're able to make quick decisions when it comes to not only yourself, but those around you.

Where do I see myself in a year from now?

Where exactly can you see yourself in one year from now? Really consider it, if you could speak to yourself one year from today...what would that person say? If you're clear on your trajectory, you've got to start making decisions that truly align with your vision. If you're not clear on your vision...MindAxis Life Coaching can really help you in this area.

Let's break it down further.

It’s only a starting point, but getting really clear on these areas will provide you a powerful foundation on realizing what you truly value. 

Life throws different circumstances at you each and every day. We’ve all felt overwhelmed, stressed out and mentally distressed at some point.

When you’re operating out of a fearful and stress induced mindset, it can be very difficult to make good decisions.

That’s why applying a framework to yourself not only creates powerful self-belief, it also allows you to respond quickly and decisively when you've got a lot on your plate!

See, while externalizing your decisions in a pros and cons list...or a daily planner can be useful, it’s not really helpful when you’re forced into making a decision on the spot. 

This happens more often than we’d like. In the ideal world, we’d have the time and space to think, evaluate, respond and act...but it rarely ever happens like this. Particularly if you’re in some type of leadership capacity in your personal or professional life. 

I’ve worked in many leadership positions. From being a Research Coordinator pulling together global pharmaceutical projects to being a Manager, running a store of 30+ employees. Over time, I’ve truly learned how to make snap decisions leading to the best possible outcome. 

How did I do it? 

Through getting clear on my core values and beliefs, I was able to think with clarity and decisively to make favorable situations and to keep the operation running smoothly.

If you’re struggling to make quick decisions, you’ll want to apply the framework above. Apply these five simple questions into your reasoning and reflect on the answers. It becomes easy to not only make rapid-fire decisions in your professional life...but also in your personal life, which is where it truly matters!

Ultimately, decisions aren’t always easy and when we make rapid ones, we’ve got to be ready and accepting of any consequence. Here’s where it’s important to accept positive consequences...and negative ones.

Any type of decision making is going to have a consequence and once we’re truly ready to accept any outcome...we’re beginning to operate out of the growth mindset. This is where you truly want to be!

How can MindAxis Life Coaching help?

If you’re struggling to make rapid-fire decisions and find yourself stuck under a cloud of indecision...just know you’re not alone. I’ve been there, I know exactly what it’s’s literally the definition of feeling stuck.

It’s time to move onto greener pastures. 

Our “Mindset Maximizer” coaching program is designed to guide you towards understanding your core values and beliefs. Trust that you’ll complete our coaching with great clarity on your personal foundations. From here, making decisions occurs with greater ease as you know exactly where you’re headed...and what needs to be done to reach that outcome. 

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