Goal Setting 101: Your Future Awaits

Are you struggling to get really clear on your future goals?

You’re probably not the only one. Many people find it difficult to define goals which keep them motivated and committed in the long term.

Like myself, you might have failed on New Year’s resolutions? Maybe relapsed on an addiction…or failed to follow through with the latest diet or workout plan.

I resonate with you.

For years, I couldn’t commit to anything short-term or long-term, where I went round in circles and fell back to old patterns and habits that were self-destructive in nature.

Until…I discovered two concepts that truly tie together the essence of personal progress.

I found my purpose and I linked it to a personal vision for my future.

It took a lot of inner work, struggle and development to really understand what drives me and how I could use that in the world to create a positive impact.

Now, you’re probably wondering…how do goals tie into this?

Well, without setting goals to achieve that personal vision, you’re probably not going to make any progress towards it.

Imagine, if you’d like to go on a road trip and you just started driving without a destination in sight. How would you ever reach your destination without a GPS?

Well, in a metaphorical sense, goals are a GPS, they provide us directions on where to take our life and make it easier to undertake decisions for our personal development.

To create good, robust goals that serve us well into the future, we’ve got to get really clear on where we’d like to go. The personal vision I mentioned before is key to ensure that we can consistently work towards something.

In a nutshell, we’re able to govern 7 areas of our life that together, add up towards reaching closer to that personal vision, that dream that we can see in our mind’s eye.

Social and Family Relationships

Careers and Educational Aspirations

Money and Personal Finances

Physical Health, Recreation and Leisure

Life’s Routine and Responsibilities

Contribution and Giving Back

Maturity & Character (Mental and Emotional Well-being)

Understanding how we’re tracking in these 7 areas are so important to get us towards our destination, our dream personal vision.

Now, we have the understanding of what we need to set goals on…how do we set these goals?

First, we’ve got to set up a framework for these goals.

Our MindAxis Life Coaching – Goal Setter program is designed to guide you further in this process. You’ll learn all this and more if you'd like to work with us.

However, I’ll be summarizing the process to help you get started TODAY!

Goal Setting 101:

What needs to be done?: Decide on a short-term goal that will help you make progress towards the bigger vision. For example, if you seek to buy a new car, maybe you’ll need to set aside 10k. Now, how will you save the 10k? What will it require? This thought process will get you really clear on how to achieve this short-term goal to buy your new car.

Who is responsible for completion of this short-term goal? Is it you…or perhaps someone else? Define who is responsible and if it’s you…then you’ve got to relish the responsibility.

Set deadlines. So important, yet often forgotten. Without a time limit we can spend forever working on a particular idea. Get really clear on when you’d like to meet your deadlines and then make sure you meet them. Stay accountable to the process and be realistic with your deadlines! For example, if you try to lose 10kg in a month, this is going to be painful. You want to give yourself space to enjoy the journey too.

Which resources will you need? Do you need anything to supplement your goal setting and if so…what do you need and how will you get it?

Predict the types of challenges you might face. Get super clear on potential challenges and then think around how you’ll navigate these when they become a substantial problem. Thinking ahead in this manner will provide you the best platform to achieve your goal as you’ve considered all outcomes.

Finally, track your results. Have you met your expectations? What worked, what didn’t work? Be honest and you’ll understand if you need to make shifts on this process for future.

Remember, this is only the beginning, there’s a lot more involved in goal setting, yet once you master the simple steps, you’ll be ready to progress towards more complex strategies for future goal setting. Ultimately, the most important key takeaway here is to remember is that through asking ourselves good questions, we can gain clarity on what we TRULY need.

Oh, and don’t feel disheartened if you haven’t met your goals yet. Patience and practice lead to results…truly appreciate the process and seek to learn, develop and grow, rather than being entirely fixated on the outcome. This way, you’ll stay committed, motivated and excited as you progress towards your long-term personal vision.


If this was helpful, and truly resonated with you, it would be great to connect! Feel free to get in touch with us today so we can help you achieve your long-term personal vision. The Goal Setter program is sure to have you well on the right path to personal success!

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