Fear is a compass, it navigates us to our next evolution.

Fear. Or as I like to refer to it: FALSE – EVIDENCE – APPEARING – REAL.

If we’ve got a goal, an ambition that we set out before us, it’s likely that at some point on the journey, we’ll have to change our style of thinking to better position ourselves to respond to escalating difficulties. The key factor that holds us back from evolving, is mainly limiting beliefs on our perceived potential, manifesting through fear in our everyday lives.

Don’t get me wrong, fear holds a useful place in our survival. Without instinctual fear and the corresponding response, humans wouldn’t have reached our current point of evolution. While our history dictates robust survival pressure, where hunter gatherers needed their instincts sharp and ready to defend themselves, this form of fear has been somewhat remodeled in our current modern lifestyle.

We no longer have tigers to run from, nor opposing tribes to go to war with. Rather, we now lead relatively sedentary lives that pale in comparison to the survival pressure our ancestors were faced with. If we look at it contextually, our present lifestyle is the easiest and most secure the human race have ever experienced in recorded history.

Now…here’s where the sticking point hits. If we have greater security, providing far more time and leisure into our lives…then what do we truly fear? The survival pressure that once plagued us has now transitioned into a consistent fear of the unknown. With Google and other search engines providing us information instantaneously, the only answer we truly can’t do a Google search for is: What does our future hold?

Reflect upon this. Does the future hold anxiety for you? Are you unsure upon your current life path and if it provides true meaning? These are all valid questions rife in modern society.

Why? Because no amount of technology is going to answer the question of how we intend to spend our lives. Fear is a manifestation of overthinking, over-analyzing and a projection of past experiences onto supposed future events. We can’t possibly ever come to grips with how the future is represented, the only frame of reference we commonly compare it to is how past events unfolded.

However…does this hold valid ground? Or is it merely a narrative we tell ourselves to keep us constrained within a limited brand of thinking.

If we allow fear to control our decisions and actions, it’s likely that we’ll end up going nowhere. To make any significant shift in our lives, we must take action and this requires a leap of faith. Leading onto this, the only way in which we can muster the courage to be proactive, is to live with some degree of fearlessness, which requires a strong, fortified mindset. You’ve got to recognize that while events might occur in your favor, they also…might not. This is a reality and it’s the unpredictability of life which makes it exciting and spontaneous. If the outcome was certain…would there be any purpose in fighting for it?

Now…we have a better idea on how fear can be represented in the immediate sense. What do we do about it? The key idea to understand is that fear can be used as your greatest weapon. If you stride forwards even in the face of fear, you’ll overcome an obstacle that will take you closer to your desired end destination. Each level of life incorporates new challenges and difficulties that will take courage to overcome. If we let fear dictate our response to these obstacles, then it’s likely that we’ll never reach our personal vision.

Ultimately, this is the true importance of a personal vision. If you’ve got a dream, an ambition or a burning desire to achieve something great…then you’ve got fuel to propel you forward. Without an outcome greater than yourself to work towards, you’ll probably end up going nowhere. Fear, overthinking and the mundane cloud your vision and reduce your clarity. Build a greater vision for yourself and realize that it’s truly possible to live the life you desire. All it requires is courage, consistency and time to get you there…and perhaps a Life Coach along the way.

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